n. & v.
—n. (pl.)
1 a a building for human habitation. b (attrib.) (of an animal) kept in, frequenting, or infesting houses (house-cat; housefly).
2 a building for a special purpose (opera-house; summer-house).
3 a building for keeping animals or goods (hen-house).
4 a a religious community. b the buildings occupied by it.
5 a a body of pupils living in the same building at a boarding-school. b such a building. c a division of a day-school for games, competitions, etc.
6 a a college of a university. b (the House) Christ Church, Oxford.
7 a family, esp. a royal family; a dynasty (House of York).
8 a a firm or institution. b its place of business. c (the House) Brit. colloq. the Stock Exchange.
9 a a legislative or deliberative assembly. b the building where it meets. c (the House) (in the UK) the House of Commons or Lords; (in the US) the House of Representatives.
10 a an audience in a theatre, cinema, etc. b a performance in a theatre or cinema (second house starts at 9 o'clock). c a theatre.
11 Astrol. a twelfth part of the heavens.
12 (attrib.) living in a hospital as a member of staff (house officer; house physician; house surgeon).
13 a a place of public refreshment, a restaurant or inn (coffee-house; public house). b (attrib.) (of wine) selected by the management of a restaurant, hotel, etc. to be offered at a special price.
14 US a brothel.
15 Sc. a dwelling that is one of several in a building.
16 Brit. sl. = HOUSEY-HOUSEY.
17 an animal's den, shell, etc.
18 (the House) Brit. hist. euphem. the workhouse.
1 provide (a person, a population, etc.) with a house or houses or other accommodation.
2 store (goods etc.).
3 enclose or encase (a part or fitting).
4 fix in a socket, mortise, etc.
Phrases and idioms:
as safe as houses thoroughly or completely safe. house-agent Brit. an agent for the sale and letting of houses. house and home (as an emphatic) home. house arrest detention in one's own house etc., not in prison. house-broken = house-trained. house church
1 a charismatic church independent of traditional denominations.
2 a group meeting in a house as part of the activities of a church. house-dog a dog kept to guard a house. house-father a man in charge of a house, esp. of a home for children. house-flag a flag indicating to what firm a ship belongs. house guest a guest staying for some days in a private house. house-hunting seeking a house to live in. house-husband a husband who carries out the household duties traditionally carried out by a housewife. house lights the lights in the auditorium of a theatre. house magazine a magazine published by a firm and dealing mainly with its own activities. house-martin a black and white swallow-like bird, Delichon urbica, which builds a mud nest on house walls etc. house-mother a woman in charge of a house, esp. of a home for children.
house of cards
1 an insecure scheme etc.
2 a structure built (usu. by a child) out of playing cards. House of Commons (in the UK) the elected chamber of Parliament. house of God a church, a place of worship. house of ill fame archaic a brothel. House of Keys (in the Isle of Man) the elected chamber of Tynwald.
House of Lords
1 (in the UK) the chamber of Parliament composed of peers and bishops.
2 a committee of specially qualified members of this appointed as the ultimate judicial appeal court. House of Representatives the lower house of the US Congress and other legislatures. house-parent a house-mother or house-father. house party a group of guests staying at a country house etc. house-plant a plant grown indoors. house-proud attentive to, or unduly preoccupied with, the care and appearance of the home.
Houses of Parliament
1 the Houses of Lords and Commons regarded together.
2 the buildings where they meet. house sparrow a common brown and grey sparrow, Passer domesticus, which nests in the eaves and roofs of houses. house style a particular printer's or publisher's etc. preferred way of presentation. house-to-house performed at or carried to each house in turn.
house-trained Brit.
1 (of animals) trained to be clean in the house.
2 colloq. well-mannered. house-warming a party celebrating a move to a new home. keep house provide for or manage a household. keep (or make) a House secure the presence of enough members for a quorum in the House of Commons. keep open house provide general hospitality. keep to the house (or keep the house) stay indoors. like a house on fire 1 vigorously, fast.
2 successfully, excellently. on the house at the management's expense, free. play house play at being a family in its home. put (or set) one's house in order make necessary reforms. set up house begin to live in a separate dwelling.
houseful n. (pl. -fuls). houseless adj.
Etymology: OE hus, husian, f. Gmc

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